FInd the time to focus and make your dreams come true.  Create the space that rises you from status quo to really satiated and growing.  Our  world needs strong healthy people to bring great things to the market place.  Our market place needs inspiration and creativity.   Every aspect of our world can benefit from inspiration and  work.  There is always a need for continued honest work and it will always be of value.  The skills you have learned over the years, the passion and the tenacity it is too a part of the value that makes our markets that much more special.  Makes life that much more special.  Never undermine what you have to bring to the table.  ​  Consider these resources and insight for your core life strategies and start the process of getting your own Classic Life going.   


We are developing leading newsletters and publications that challenge the standard intellectual fare and seek good knowledge from the seas of information.  From international trade trade policy analysis, to  to securities, business contracts, environment, finance and law analysis.  Solutions and ideas for the marine, fresh water, natural resource, energy, renewable energy, agricultural and real estate markets.  Including geographic intelligence insight, ecosystem science and restoration, soil structure, toxicology, hydrology, no till agriculture, mapping. We look to experts for leading edge 

trading research and everything else market and entrepreneurship related.  We look to experts in Investing, commodities, forex, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies,  land holdings, shares, options, projects, 

capitalism, contracts, mineral economics, royalties, peer to peer investing,  peer to peer lending. Investor relations and infrastructure financing, futures contracts,  joint ventures,  law, constitutional law, financial freedom, hedge funds, emerging markets,  taxes.  Sort of a boutique research firm for the entrepreneurship minded.  Not for profit, philanthropic and conservation groups may also benefit from our firm.  We enjoy and like to learn from business and not for profits and conservation groups that enable healthy ecosystems, healthy economies, environmental revitalization, poverty reduction, improved life and prosperity.  All that we do is aimed to help create a replenishing economy that delivers healthy environmental optimization and healthy personal governance and prosperity for people all over the world.

Classic Life Publishing strives to be a great place for idea exchange and business development.  A place for Ideas that solve problems and add value which are truly applicable to the improvement to the world.  Where tradition meets intelligence, prosperity and abundance for honest trade opportunities and sound environmental optimization.  Clarity and opportunity for creative ambitious people with strong values for healthy families, science, businesses and a healthy world.  

"Critical forward thinking and innovation working together is a beautiful thing.  It creates opportunity for opportunity."​  

K. Worthington

enriching markets, environments & people

  liberating ideas for life to come to life

"The most dangerous risk of all is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later" --- Randi Komisar


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The whole premise behind working on this work that is specifically destined to enrich people, the marketplace and enrich the environment is to work with and among some of the brightest minds who are thinking that we can do better and must do better all the while recognizing that our personal integrity, time and family is also really important.  Compromise often reduces value and quality so that is why when we work on something we want it to have staying power.   We are those who respect  those who bring value to life and are not afraid to climb the mountains, sail the sailboats and  call a spade a spade.  We believe life is what you make it to be.  We believe that quality education is still an investment.  And the real proof of the quality is often undefinable in words.   It needs very little introduction and stands hands and shoulders amongst the competition. Application of knowledge is relevant to the quality of the knowledge, the desired out comes, skills and determination of the applicant and is really a matter of choice as to the outcomes.  We have become a distracted world lacking value and quality in character, products, values and the environment.  It is time we focus on regaining back all that makes us human and joyful and capable of great things.  Step one, apply great thinking.  Start with that and see what starts to happen.  Application of great thinking will bring great reward.


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Challenging the sometimes destructive architecture of the way business is done and enabling better ideas for freer, healthier markets, relationships and prosperity is not always simple.  Sometimes people are up to no good and that hurts everyone.   Here we research and aim to enable the value in the ideas that bring value to life.  To help secure the necessities of life so that the global marketplace is driven, inspired, nurtured and allowed to emerge as a positive driving force for a beautiful world by continual improvement of knowledge, business acumen, the environment and personal empowerment.  Where sometimes status quo is just not working, there comes a need to grow and improve upon the ideas that are causing destructive outcomes.  We strive for economic, financial, personal and technological solutions that help to sustain life not inhibit it.  

Let us give youth a world to be proud of and inspire them to develop the skills for positive impacts, resourceful and resilient living, personal prosperity and an honest, joyful life.  

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"The real purpose of any business is to sustain life, to learn and grow, solve problems and to impart this character to the world. To enable critical thinking and problem solving skills and create an opportunity society.   To be a function of a moral imperative.  A business (or government) that ignores  these functions  within economic, environmental or social morality is not supporting life  or solving problems and therefore not fulfilling its purpose.  And a business  (or government) can not impart a character that  they do not possess.  So if you want a society of liberty and opportunity, you have to build and enable the moral character within the people for such an outcome.  You have to understand this moral imperative and live it.   As the saying goes, no one who has lost their character has lost their liberty."  

--- K. Worthington

" the best  WAY  TO  predict


to   create  it  "

We are not just a research house or place to publish, we are a place where ideas and people come to LIFE.  The idea exchange where knowledge you can profit from brings VALUE to the idea.  The aim is clarity 

and integrity.  Clarity in global market intelligence and business development for economic empowerment that leaves the world more productive and elegant. Research to help you see.  Help you build. Help us build solid and strong understandings and relationships.



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